Fiu amba 670 – learning goals of the team project assignment

Group BRIC Country Strategy Assignment – Part II 

Learning Goals of the Team Project
The learning goal of the Team Project of the capstone AMBA 670 Strategy course is to provide an opportunity for student teams to learn how to apply the concepts and frameworks of strategic management to recommend the important strategic decision of a real company to make a foreign direct investment (FDI) to acquire or form a joint venture with another company in one of the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) countries. In doing so, students will become familiar with the growing importance of the BRIC countries to the twenty first century
global economy and also to the long term merger and acquisition opportunities of multinational companies.
Additional learning goals of the Team Project include understanding of the key strategic global and BRIC related issues facing major industries, identification and knowledge of major global companies and emerging new companies within these industries in the BRIC countries. The project will also allow students to draw from their learning experiences in prior AMBA courses, especially Marketing (determining market potential), Finance (risk adjusted capital budgeting), International Business (PEST (political, economic, socio-cultural and technological
environment) analysis, and Economics (macro-economic forecasting). 
For a more recent commentary on the BRIC countries view the following:
Goldman Sachs | BRICs Videos and Stories
Examine each of the BRIC countries to determine their projected economic growth, country business environment and country risk. We have gathered assessments of the Country Risk and Business Environment (Opportunity) from various sources. You will be provided a large amount of country and industry data to get you started, however, additional library research is encouraged. 
Economist Intelligence
Unit,Brazil Economy,
Politics and GDP
Growth Summary
Economist Intelligence
Unit,Russia Economy,
Politics and GDP
Growth Summary
Economist Intelligence
Unit,China Economy,
Politics and GDP
Growth Summary
Economist Intelligence
Unit,India Economy,
Politics and GDP Growth
Read the rationale behind these ratings and dig deeper by reading other EIU news stories about the political, economic, financial, business and regulatory environments in each country.
In developing your rationale, be sure to address the following strategic dimensions. (Note: These are not meant to be separate questions to be answered, like you would on an exam, but rather, things you will be discussing in the rationalization of your country selection recommendation.)
 • How would you tradeoff the degree of country risk versus the business environment ratings, taking into consideration the market size as expressed by the market size data variable you chose in Week 2 in 2017?
• How would you tradeoff the degree of country risk versus the business environment ratings, taking into consideration the market growth as expressed by the market size data variable you chose in Week 2 from 2013 to
 As a result of answering the above two questions, how would you prioritize the BRIC ©2012 Florida International University countries in terms of developing a global business strategy? 

The final project paper should be written as a comprehensive paper in the form of a recommendation to the selected client company, for making an international acquisition or joint venture into one of the BRIC countries. The paper should have the following logical structure
The first sentence of your Executive Summary should read as follows:
“Team _____________ recommends that _______________, a major multinational company in the ______________industry, enter the BRIC markets, initially targeting ___________ as the first country, through an acquisition or joint venture with one of the key local companies in the ___________industry.
Final Team Project Suggested Outline
International Acquisition or Joint Venture Proposal
I. Background Information and Analysis (From Week 2)
A. The global structure and environment of the selected industry.
B. The home country structure and environment of the selected industry.
C. The importance of the BRIC countries to the selected industry.
II. Determination of the target BRIC country for the proposed acquisition.
A. Comparative risk, opportunity and overall business climate of the BRIC countries.
B. Comparative industry market potential and structure of the BRIC countries.
C. Selection, with rationale of the target BRIC country. with these countries and their
potential role in corporate global business strategy.  

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